How To Use Oxygen Concentrator?


A brief introduction before using the medical oxygen device:

(00:17 – 01:55)

Oxygen Concentrator – Unpacking and connecting oxygen accessories 


To start, please read the user manual carefully. After removing the case, check if all the accessories are present: one manual, one test report, and one packing list, one set of air filters, two sets of nasal oxygen cannulas, one power cord, and one humidifier bottle.

Remove the case and the bottom foam, then put the oxygen device on a well-ventilated ground. Follow the instructions carefully. Cut the zip tie under the medical oxygen device carefully. Now the medical device is ready to be used.

Add distilled water (sterile water is recommended) to the humidifier bottle. You can fill it with 1/3 of the humidifier bottle. No matter how much water you add, ensure the water level is between the maximum and minimum labels.

Plug the power cord into the electrical supply. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the medical oxygen device. Turn on the oxygen flow meter by rotating it. The oxygen flow will be shown by a floating ball, which you should adjust according to the doctor’s prescription. Keep the float ball below the red line.


The LCD display shows the device’s working status:

●     First line: switch time.

●     Second line: operating pressure.

●     Third line: operating time in minutes

●     Last line: accumulated working hours.

To receive the oxygen, connect the nasal oxygen cannula to the humidifier bottle, and wear it correctly. After the oxygen therapy, take off the nasal oxygen cannula, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the device, and close the flowmeter if you need to unplug the power cord from the electrical supply.


Oxygen Concentrator – Daily Maintenance

(01:59 – 02:50)


Clean the device with a soft towel and an antibacterial substance.

Clean the outer air filter with clean water every 300 hours of use. Let it dry and then set it back in the device.

Rotate the inner filter to unplug it from the device and wash it with fresh water every 800 hours. After it dries, plug it back into the device.

Disconnect the humidifier bottle and open its cap. Add some vinegar or medical disinfectant inside. After rinsing and drying, make sure the humidifier cap is sealed and in good condition.


This Orca Medical’s short video provides a demonstration of how to use and prepare LongFian oxygen concentrator medical devices.
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