Oxygen therapy may be an important part of your treatment if you have lung disease. But you might not know where to begin. Follow these tips if you are new to oxygen therapy.


How to Get Started?

You Connect with your doctor

  • To determine which type and how much oxygen is right for you, your doctor will perform certain tests.
  • These tests will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood during rest, exerciseand sometimes sleep. Be sure to talk with your doctor about your needs and lifestyle.
  • Explain what you would like to be able to do while using oxygen and any concerns you might have about getting started.

Get certificate of oxygen concentrator necessity

  • Your Aversi doctor will provide you with a certificate of medical necessity that says you need supplemental oxygen concentrator.
  • Confirm this certificate says exactly the type and amount of oxygen you will need.

Find an oxygen supplier

  • Oxygen Supplier: A company responsible for filling and delivering oxygen orders.
  • Your oxygen supplier is not your doctor and cannot make decisions for you and your oxygen.
  • The oxygen supplier must be professional and one who have working connections with the medical clinics or with the doctor. Aversi has oxygen supplier.

Learn how to use it

  • A representative from your oxygen company (sometimes referred to a Durable Medical Equipment or DME company) will teach you how to use your oxygen when it is delivered.
  • It is important to use the oxygen safely and only as directed.
  • You must use the exact rate of oxygen prescribed for each activity.
  • Don’t increase or decrease the amount without asking your healthcare provider first.
  • Supplemental oxygen is a medicine. It’s not addictive and causes no major side effects when used as directed.
  • Use a pulse oximeterto measure your oxygen levels at home.