1. These Terms of Use constitute a binding legal agreement between you as a user of the Site (hereinafter: “the User”) and the Company. The provisions of these regulations will apply to any use made by you of the site and to any purchase made by you through the site, please read these regulations in full and carefully. The titles of the regulations and sections are for convenience only.
  2. Browsing the site and/or purchasing products offered for sale on it constitutes your consent to accept and act in accordance with the regulations. If you do not agree to any of the Terms and Conditions, you are requested not to make any use of the Website.
  3. The Company may change, cancel and/or replace the Articles of Incorporation at any time at its sole discretion and in accordance with the provisions of any law. In any case of contradiction between the provisions of the Terms of Use and the provisions of other content on the Site, the provisions of the Terms of Use shall prevail.
  1. Use of the Site
  2. Use of the Website is intended for private and personal purposes only, and is not intended for wholesale sale. It is forbidden to use the Site for the purpose of distributing products to a third party and/or for the purpose of conducting any business regarding the sale of products purchased through the Site.
  3. “Medical” reserves the right to limit the number of units from each product that each customer can purchase from a variety of products, when placing an order on the site
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the restrictions described above also apply to any product sold on the site as part of a special promotion or sale on the site.
  5. In addition, ORCA MEDICAL reserves the right to restrict, prevent and/or cancel orders and purchases which the Company believes at its discretion that under the circumstances they are intended for commercial purposes and not for personal use; Such as: a series of purchases of the same product by the same customer and/or to the same address and/or frequently and/or purchases at a time close to each other, etc.; When in the aggregate a number of units exceeding the permissible number of products were purchased.
  6. ORCA MEDICAL reserves the right to change the policy limiting the quantity of units purchased as detailed above from time to time, all at its sole and full discretion.
  1. Delivery times
  2. As a rule, the estimated delivery time is 2-7 business days, but with certain items we can deliver the order on the same day or the next day at most.
  3. This delivery time is from the moment the order is confirmed, and during the company’s operating hours. In localities ‘far away’ from the central region where our couriers arrive infrequently, there may be delivery delays of 1-2 additional business days over the specified delivery time.
  1. In addition, the products displayed on this site may not be immediately available in case of product shortage, the order will be completed only upon receipt of the products, and delivery will be made within 48 hours from this date.


  1. Complete a purchase

The purchase transaction will be approved only upon receipt of transaction confirmation from the credit card company, through which the consideration was paid. As long as approval is not received from the credit company, there will be no validity to the purchase action by the buyer.

  1. Blocking a user and/or canceling an order

The Company may, at its sole discretion, cancel any order and/or prevent a User from using the Site and/or purchasing products on the Site, by blocking it, including, (and without derogating) in any of the following cases:

  • The User committed an illegal act and/or violated the provisions of the law and/or violated any of the terms of these Terms of Use.
  • The User has committed an act or omission that may harm the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or the proper operation of the Website and/or any third party.
  • At the time of registration and/or thereafter, the user provided incorrect and/or misleading details.
  • In the event of an error in the description of the product and / or its price.
  • If it turns out that the execution of the reservation involved the execution of an illegal action or contrary to the terms of the regulations.

Notice of cancellation of the order may be given to the User by telephone and/or in writing to an e-mail address updated by the Company, at the Company’s discretion.

  1. Temporary/permanent lack of stock

The User is aware and agrees that despite the Company’s efforts to ensure that the Site is up-to-date at all times, sometimes it is possible that certain products appearing on the Site will be out of stock with the Company and the Company does not guarantee that a particular product is in stock at all times. The Company does not guarantee the existence of sufficient inventory at all times, and should not be relied upon.


  1. Product Return Policy

The return of a product will be possible up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product or a document summarizing the details of the transaction, whichever is later, and receive a full refund if the product was returned in its original packaging and there was no tangible deterioration in the product and no use was made of the product.

A refund will only be given if the product cost more than 50 GEL. The refund for the returned product will not be complete and the customer will bear a cancellation fee of 5% of the cost of the product or minimum 210 GEL – whichever is lower according to the law.

Credit card transactions – there may be an additional cancellation fee for a clearing fee of an additional 2.5% to the cancellation fee in accordance with the law.

If it is required that the company collect the product, the customer will be charged additional shipping fees for the cancellation fee at a cost of 300 GEL including VAT depending on the location of the product collection.
In this case, the refund will be made after checking the integrity of the product and its packaging and no later than 5 business days.

It is not possible to return products of any kind used and/or manufactured and/or purchased especially for the customer or according to his dimensions and/or in accordance with special requirements


How to return

The return of the consideration less the cancellation fee will be made close to the date of cancellation of the transaction, subject to the return of the product as stated above and no later than seven business days. If payment is made in cash or check, the return of the consideration, less cancellation fees, will be made in cash or by cash check or bank transfer at the time of cancellation of the transaction.

If payment was made by credit card, the charge will be canceled by the Company by notifying the customer’s credit card company of the cancellation of the transaction less the cancellation fee.



Product Exchange Policy

Product replacement will be possible up to 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product or a document summarizing the details of the transaction, if there has been no tangible deterioration in the product and no use has been made of the product.

It will not be possible to return or exchange products of any kind that were used and/or came into contact with the customer’s body and/or not in their original packaging and/or were manufactured and/or imported, especially for the customer or according to his dimensions or by special requirements and/or lost (perishable) products.


  1. Cancellation of product supply
  2. If it becomes clear to ORCA MEDICAL that it is unable to supply the products to the buyer at his place of residence, due to circumstances that could not have been foreseen, ORCA MEDICAL will be entitled to cancel the purchase transaction at any time until the product is supplied to the buyer.
  3. If the transaction is canceled, as stated above, ORCA MEDICAL will refund the buyer the full consideration he paid (if paid) and/or cancel his credit card charge and the buyer will not be entitled to any compensation for canceling the transaction.
  4. Information on the Site
  5. The Website contains information published by ORCA MEDICAL and/or suppliers and/or entities working with it, such as articles, articles, publications.
  6. The information published on the site regarding medicine, medication and medical and drug treatments does not constitute medical advice. For your convenience, you will find links to websites and other sources of information. The sites and the information contained therein are not published by us or by anyone on our behalf and ORCA MEDICAL bears no responsibility for them.
  7. Features, models, design, colors or appearance of products described or displayed on the Site, including any image or presentation of a product included on the Site, are for illustration purposes only, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  8. Privacy Policy

Use of the Website is subject to the Website’s Privacy Policy.

  1. ORCA MEDICAL operates in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law. In order to provide the Services, the Company must collect “Personal Information” or “Information” about you (as defined by law). This Privacy Policy describes the types of information we collect about you, the purposes for which the information will be collected and the uses that will be made of it, the parties with whom the Company shares the information and the manner in which it protects the information.
  2. You have no legal obligation to disclose your personal information.

.3. The Company will not make use of the User’s details and/or details related and/or deriving from your activity on the Site, except as stated in this Policy. By browsing the Site and using the Website’s services, you declare that you are aware and agree that the Company will collect your personal information and make use of it as detailed below:

* When placing an order for the Company’s products, you will be required to provide the Company with identification details such as name, address, telephone, payment details as well as the items you wish to order. The Company will save your order history in the order system for the purpose of clarifying and handling malfunctions.


(* The Company may be required to provide the information you provided to it by law and/or upon request of a competent authority;

(* The Company may make use of the information you provided to prevent violations of these Terms of Use and/or unauthorized or illegal use of the Website and/or Company Services;

(h) The Company will use your contact information for the purpose of communicating with the User, including sending service messages.

(*) Sharing the information with third parties for the purpose of providing the service: The Company may disclose some or all of your personal information to the following parties, subject to these parties’ commitment to comply with the provisions of the law and protect your personal information: to computer infrastructure providers for the purpose of storing and backing up the data and for the purpose of carrying out development work of additional functions and services on the Site; To suppliers who supply the products you ordered, including shipping companies for the purpose of shipping the order to your place of residence; credit card and clearing card companies for the purpose of making payments; To other parties that assist the Company in providing you with such services. In addition, the Company may transfer its customers’ information between various companies held by the Company and/or its controlling shareholder as well as to its consultants for the purpose of conducting its business.

13.4. The Company will allow access to the information only to those of its employees and/or suppliers who need the information for the purpose of providing the service and subject to any law.

13.5. The User is aware and hereby agrees that all the details provided to the Company at the time of registration to the Site and/or deriving from his activity on the Site, including information collected about the User during the browsing, will be stored in the databases of the Company and/or of the Company’s suppliers who operate the Company Site for it.


13.7. The Company shall be entitled to use non-identifying information generated from the information provided by the User for the purpose of processing statistical information, examining usage patterns of the Site as well as for the purpose of improving and maintaining the Site and the Services, as well as providing such information to other parties.

13.8. The User agrees to receive advertisements and/or marketing information from the Company and he authorizes the Company to send him by any means of communication, at the Company’s discretion, messages regarding his activity and/or the activity of the Site and/or the activity of other sites from the group to which the Company belongs.

13.9. It is agreed that the User may, at any time, request to be removed from the mailing list of the recipients of the Company’s marketing mailings, in which case no messages constituting an advertisement as defined in the Communications Law.

13.10. The user undertakes to keep his personal username and password for entering the site and using it confidentially. The username and personal password are for personal use only. In no case shall the Company be liable for any violation of privacy and/or any other infringement and/or any damage of any kind, caused due to unauthorized use of the user name and personal password, including due to its transfer to a third party. In addition, you are responsible for notifying the Company to the e-mail address info@orcamedical.ge possible if you suspect that unauthorized use of your username and personal password has been made so that the Company can handle this.

. Cookies

14.1. The site uses “cookies” for its ongoing and proper operation, including to collect statistical data about the use of the site, to verify details, to adapt the site to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. Modern browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, please check the help file of the browser you are using. It is possible that some of the ads that you view when visiting the site come from third party servers, which manage the advertising system on the site. The management of advertisements requires these companies to place cookies on your computer and to place web beacons in the advertisements (hereinafter: “Cookies”). The role of cookies is to assist in collecting information about the viewing and use of websites where there is advertising and about the advertisements to which you were exposed and clicked. The information collected seeks to adapt the advertisements presented to you to topics that will interest you.

14.2. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in the browser you use. To do this, use the browser’s Help file. You can delete the cookies on your computer at any time. Please note that you may do so only if you are convinced that you do not want to tailor the advertisements on the site to your preferences. It is also possible that disabling cookies may cause you to be unable to use some of the services and features on other websites.

14.3. The use these companies make of cookies is subject to their privacy policies. For Google’s privacy policy see: http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy. Your use of the site indicates your consent to the installation of Google cookies, insofar as Google cookies are not installed on your computer, as well as to the use of information as stated above.


  1. Approval of the Terms of Use

When making the purchase, the user declares that he is aware of the site’s regulations and the rules applicable to the purchase of products through the Medical website. In addition, the user declares that he is familiar with these rules, agrees to their application to the purchase action and that he and / or anyone on his behalf will have no claim and / or claim and / or demand against ORCA MEDICAL and / or the site operators and / or anyone on their behalf, except claims related to breach of the obligations of ORCA MEDICAL and / or the site operators according to these regulations.

  1. Rights in the Site

17.1. All rights in the content and images appearing on the Site, originating from the Company and/or on its behalf and/or transferred to it, including copyrights, distribution rights and any other intellectual property, fully belong to the Company. Without derogating from the aforesaid, all rights in the design of the site and in the manner of processing and presentation of the content on the site fully belong to the company.

17.2. The contents of the site are intended for the personal use of the user only, and may not be used for any other purpose, including commercial use. It is forbidden to copy and/or reproduce, and/or copy and/or print any content from the Site for distribution and/or publication in any way, except with the Company’s written and timely consent.

17.3. The trademarks on the Website are the sole property of the Company. Trademarks displayed on the Site on behalf of any advertisers are the property of such advertisers only. It is forbidden to use the trademarks without the written consent of their owners, in advance and in advance. It is forbidden to display content from the site in any way, including by means of any software, device, accessory or communication protocol that changes its design or function or deprives them of any features or information whatsoever.

17.4. The Company may, at its sole discretion, block and/or cancel immediately, for a limited or unlimited period, any access by a User and/or any content from the Site, without the need to provide a reason or explanation. A user will not be allowed to re-register to the site under a different username if the company decides to block it.

  1. Limitation of Liability

18.1. Any treatment and use of medications, food supplements or medical preparations requires consultation with the attending physician before starting treatment and even during it. Read carefully the consumer leaflet attached to each product before using it. In case of unwanted side effects, discontinue use of this product and contact your physician immediately. The Company will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer from the use of drugs, food supplements or medical preparation in accordance with a doctor’s prescription and / or a treatment outline given to the customer by the treating medical entity. In addition, the Company will not bear any responsibility for the use of drugs, food supplements or medical preparations by the customer other than in accordance with the instructions of the treating party and/or the pharmacist advice given to the customer.

18.2. All information about the products advertised on the Site is provided by the manufacturer and/or importer and/or marketers only and is correct as of the date it was provided to the Company. The Company is not responsible for this information. Moreover, due to various limitations, the information published is partial. Therefore, before using, the user must carefully read the details of the information and/or warnings published on the product itself, including data appearing on the package regarding allergens, ingredients and nutritional mark, etc. In addition, before use, each user is required to verify the product values listed on the site and the components of the product itself.

18.3. The use and consumption of products sold on the site is at the user’s own risk.

Notwithstanding all that is stated in these regulations, the total liability of ORCA MEDICAL for any damage caused to any user is limited to the price of the product that is the subject of the cause that established such liability.

  1. Jurisdiction

The provisions of these regulations shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

  1. Customer Service

For any questions regarding the products displayed on the site, you can contact the company’s customer service by e-mail at info@Orcamedical.ge or by phone at +995 595506876, Monday-Thursday between 09:00-17:00