To most of us, the corona virus sounds like something that is over and gone, but in fact the epidemic is still alive and kicking and threatens mainly the risk groups, including the elderly, especially now at the beginning of winter.

It is difficult to find a person who has lived on earth in the last three years, who has not panicked when he hears the word ‘corona’, that terrible and terrible epidemic that burst into our lives at the end of 2020. An epidemic that, in addition to the many victims it has brought down, has taken its toll here in all walks of life, affected many people’s livelihoods and changed the All the daily habits that we have lived by in the last hundred years, and we are talking about public events, flights abroad, shopping, family visits and much more.


Everything changed beyond recognition, until the arrival of vaccines that slowly returned life to its familiar and normal course. For most of us, the ‘corona’ belongs to history, but we must know that the corona epidemic, to our great regret, has not yet left us as many tend to think, it has only changed its face. As long as it affected the conduct of the country at the national level on a daily basis, the authorities waged the war against the epidemic, but now that the blessed routine has returned to rule and it has disappeared from the agenda, the baton has passed to us, the citizens.

There are still quite a few people living among us, these could be the grandparents, the elderly parents, or even the elderly neighbor next door, for whom the corona virus is alive and kicking. For whom the corona virus is still a real threat, especially now that the winter period is starting, which brings with it the usual effects and viruses, which we face every winter, and now the danger for them is twofold.

All health clinics now have updated vaccines for corona, which also provide protection against the elusive Omicron strain, and of course also vaccines against the flu every year. We have the right, which is also a duty, to take care of the aforementioned populations, so that they are properly protected against the corona virus and the other viruses that winter brings with it.

In case of being infected with the Coronavirus, it will be wise to be prepared with an oxygen concentrator and pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen level in the blood and be in continuous connection with your doctor.
In this case, if god forbid there will be a decline in the ability to breathe or in the supplement of the oxygen you will have an immediate solution and start oxygen therapy. (SEE OXYGEN THERAPY LINK READ MORE).